The 10 best collaborations of David Bisbal to celebrate your birthday | Music


Almost 20 years ago that David Bisbal came into our lives to stay. Almost two decades ago that “Ave María, when will you be mine? If you want me, all to give you” that the whole of Spain is known for pe to pa. And today, 5 June, 41 years ago was born one of the most prestigious voices of our country. The artist celebrates his birthday at his home in Madrid, along with his family and with a baby on the way. Therefore, from LOS40 we want to congratulate you remembering ten collaborations that have marked his musical career.

1. Hiddenwith Chicago (2002)

We could not start another. It is perhaps the collaboration that almost everybody knows of him, that marked a before and an after in the television and that all the world remembers his way through the reality show that gave him fame: Hiddenwith Chicago the song, which is sung in the Gala 11 of the program. We remind the version of 2016 when the contestants OT1 revived the concert of Barcelona, which 15 years ago had travelled all over the country.

2. Hate that I love you with Rihanna (2008)

Do not you acordabas? Bisbal, he made a song their own Rihanna. A topic between English and Spanish which was very heard at the time.

3. Here I am with Luis Fonsi, Aleks Syntek, and Noel Schajris

Here I am I became one of the anthems of 2008/2009, a song that shares with Luis Fonsi, Aleks Syntek and Noel Schajristhe vocalist of Without Flag.

4. Te miro a ti (When I Look At You), with Miley Cyrus (2010)

It could be said that one of the collaborations most random of Bisbal was the of Miley Cyrus. A theme that sang together at the Rock in Rio festival in Madrid ten years ago. Don’t you remember?

5. Luciawith Rosary (2012)

The artist takes singing Lucia from almost the casting of Operation Triumphbut it could be said that the latest version special is that you share with your partner Rosario.

6. I adore with Pastora Soler (2012)

The same night that David invited Rosario to sing Luciahe climbed to the stage Pastora Soler to accompany you in one of the ballads most beautiful ever written: I adore. A theme that he also sang at the contest with his fellow Naim Thomas, and that usually sing in their concerts.

7. My loneliness and I, with Alejandro Sanz (2013)

The close relationship between Alejandro Sanz and David Bisbal since it began in music, has joined on many occasions their voices, as well as has made the Almeria sing, on more than one occasion the letters of the Master. One of them, the interpretation of My loneliness and me in a concert in Seville. A work of art in every rule.

8. I forgot to breathe with India Martínez (2014)

In 2014, India Martinez featured in one of their singles with the artist to complete his album Dual. A ballad of those that come to the soul.

9. Everything is possible, with Tini Stoessel (2017)

The artists starred in the soundtrack of Tadeo Jones 2: The secret of King Midas.

10. My princess / If you want to, with Aitana (2020)

The Aitana and David Bisbal it has been one of the collaborations stars this year. The artists joined their voices in If you want, a song on the album of Almeria, to which the extriunfita was adapted to the perfection and created one of the video clips more homemade and closer of the two runs of music.

Even so, it was not the first time that worked, as Bisbal invited to Aitana to one of their concerts, 2018 to sing My Princess.