The movie Independence Day was about to have a title completely different


The actor who played the U.S. president in Independence Day tells the story of why he got that title.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest blockbusters of the nineties is Independence Day. The film starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum saw it as an invasion race attacked Earth, decimating cities in a single shot and bringing humanity to the brink of extinction in a matter of hours. However, making use of their wits, the heroes managed to thwart the plans of the aliens and convert the Day of the Independence of the United States in a cry of war global.

The funny thing is that, initially, Independence Day not going to be called that way. The plans of the study, pointed out that the final title was going to be Doomsday (the day of final judgment). Although the name in the key to the shoot was ID4.

Was the filming of the speech by Bill Pullman as the president of the united States arengando to the people who were in the Area 51 what finally got the heads of Fox to agree that the movie took the title of Independence Day.

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So what have been told by the own Pullman in an interview with CinemaBlend. The actor remembered that they filmed the scene at night, with all the weary world. A few days later, with the scene cut and mounted, the directors offered to be able to see it, and they all agreed that he had to get the movie to carry the title of Independence Day. Of course, the sequel to Independence Day: Counterattack, 2016, was not at the height of the first installment, and, despite being presented as the central piece of a trilogy, it is unlikely that Fox, now Disney, you take a chance on another skid in this field.

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