The photo of Natalia Barulich hugging Neymar. Romance confirmadsimo?


Natalia Barulich has become to make clear that Maluma is not part of its present, or by what is seen of their future. Many fans of the couple never ceased to soar in a reconciliation, but it was clearly in vain.

A recent publication in the Instagram of the model of descent Croatian seems to reaffirm his relationship with the player brasileo Neymar Jr.

Our generation will change the world

Reads the description of the posting Nataliain that accompanied with a GIF of an image next to the player of football, and a photo that has your arms above l.

His followers emphasized the supposed connection between Neymar and Barulichwhile other pedan to screams, again with the Colombian singer, because it is better.

To Maluma likes it, For a second she thought that she was a Maluma.

Definitely, fans of the image of Guess continue to soando that a da despertarn and the former spouse will become. However, these photos seem to confirm dating.

The first image Natalia Barulich and the player of the Paris Saint-Germain are part of the cover of the GK magazine, in its version in Russian. These came out two weeks ago, but this Saturday I came back to share with their fans.

On the other hand, in his last publication, I added a video in which he gives advice to the guys that know what women really want”.

Thus, in this, Barulich takes the opportunity to sponsor an energy drink, which for some time has been working, as seen in their networks. Unlike her, Neymar has not shared these images on his Instagram, buts comment in the post that I added two weeks ago. To be a fact of dating?