Will Smith free, comfortable and happy


In the film, Will Smith had already experienced a history similar to the covid-19 when it seemed to have been the sole survivor of New York in I am legend. And in an age where the world of cinema was completely paralyzed, less than two months after the premiere of Bad Boys forever (with more than $ 200 million in revenues), he found the formula to follow current.

On Facebook, it often appears in the space Red Table Talk in which his wife Jada Pinkett Smith touches on subjects quite intimate with his daughter Willow. And, while, he prepares a series of comedy This Joka for Quibi, Will now even have another show own WFH Will From Home in Snapchat. The only thing missing is that they are encouraged to do so in Spanish because it is the first one to say “I Know many words in Spanish”, before returning to the English to feel a lot more comfortable, in an age where today he travels around the world his famous phrase “Racism is not getting worse, it’s been filmed,” which translates as “The racism is not worse, is being filmed”. He says that, in his case, the police is better because he is famous and that fame used it once when the police stopped him.

“Just smile and greet you very kindly… it’s funny because in the cinema I always have roles of citizens who obey the law, and it is something that seems to be programmed into the mind of the people because in general police officers do not want to give me a fine.

Do before being famous as obedient to the rules you were?

Luckily there was Twitter back then. I always got in trouble for making jokes. In school, instead of paying attention, I was always planning a good practical joke.

How in a world where you’re so used to browse YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat… it is certain that ever thought of moving to Africa?

Yes, it is true, we had found a home. I love south Africa… it is a place where I had such a lovely experience and wanted to share it with my children, even if it was only for four or five months. It is a place where I felt I had the style of magic that I wanted to experience with my family, but then came 9-11 (the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York city) and had to stay, to be a patriot.

At what precise moment in your life did you realize “Yes, I’m a star”?

There was an exact moment in my life… July 4, 1994. He was in New York, standing outside of the cinema Ziegfeld. There was a long line of people that came out of the film room, came up to the corner, was turning around across the street, is reuniting with another street and come back by the back of the cinema. It was for the premiere of Independence day. And I remember standing there, thinking that my life never would be the same. “From this moment, now, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to get back to yesterday”, I thought. Changed everything forever.

And what would you say was your best performance in the film?

(Muhammad) Ali. Michael Mann is a genius for what he gets from the actors. Me got something very special.

Do you have any other time in your career that you would like to come back to live?

The first day that I worked on with my son Jaden (In search of happiness). It was awful for me, it was the best I felt in a long time, by the mere fact of waking up every day to go to work with my son.

Does Jaden ever asked for advice?

In fact, he gave me the best classes, at the beginning, just by watching him work… for being so natural. Mine is very mechanical, I have my tricks and things I do to win and I know that they work. But a day in the studio, he began to laugh and said to me, “Dad, you do the same thing, every day.” He was not interested in the continuity, that the sun was going down or anything of the production. From the beginning, lived the moment in every scene and developed his own style, with only us to others.

How the popularity generates more confidence in yourself?

I think with me it’s the opposite. In fact, sometimes I get very nervous if I have to go to a new place, but with the passage of time and experience, I let go.

Does the success in the cinema you have your key or is it pure fairy tale?

The relationship with the director is the most important. The script is also very important, of course, but up there. It is very difficult to get a hit without a good script, but when you found it, what is more important is the relationship with the director.

And what about outside the cinema, the success you have another key?

The worst poverty is the poverty of ideas. The ideas can be converted into a food, a good way to soften the place where one sleeps. This simple idea of life is quite powerful. Happiness is a huge idea that resonates in the human spirit.

And what does success really bring happiness?

I was never unhappy. I could have had a moment where I was not so good, but I was always happy. Unhappiness, to me, happens due to lack of respect to your conscience, when you don’t behave the way you would like them to respect you. And I consider myself a happy person.

Do you have any failure, “happy”?

The failure of After Earth I changed the mentality completely. It was a time of transition is quite important because I realized that it is okay that my film not to premiere in the first position of the collections. The mentality to keep me in first place for two months, collapsed completely, but not my world came down. I felt like I could remain the same.

What is it that you are looking for today in your career?

I think I got to a point where I hit the ceiling in my life, after having created everything he could create in my career. I also spent by the time that I took a couple of years ago, for a spiritual journey. Today I feel that I shed enough of Will Smith and I feel that I am much more comfortable with who I am. I realized that I care to know what I’m going to tell the world. To what extent can I contribute to the human side? Can I go out to travel the world to project the idea of what I’m going to film it? I want to be sure that what you want to say with my work will also help you to evolve and enjoy the life of the people.