Wipe it Down: how is the new challenge viral TikTok that you “becomes” in another version of yours


The social network of videos, now with a new challenge that caught the attention of Will Smith and other celebrities. In Tiktok, it became a trend “Wipe it Down Challenge”challenge viral you “becomesin another version of yours for a few moments.

What is it? The premise does not have much science: the creator of the clip is positioned in front of a mirror while sounding the theme Wipe it Down artist BMW KENNY. Each time you hear wipe (clean), the user passes a cloth with water to the glass. In general, after the third pass, the person appears dressed and produced in another way: a radical change.

In the case of Will Smith, he decided that his other “I” is the Agent J the character he plays in Men in Black (Men in Black).

Wipe it Down

Will Smith joined the new challenge viral

According to the magazine, Vulturethe influencer of TikTok Romina Agafur (@rominagafur) was the one who initiated the challenge on April 26, although with another song: The Box, the rapper American Roddy Ricch.

Wipe it Down 2

Jason Derulo and Spiderman

In a moment, while the music is playing, and clean the mirror, Romina appears with a mask of terror. Then the young woman explained in a tutorial on how to edit the sequence, other users started making their versions.

Wipe it Down 3

Challenge viral

Another of the artists who joined the trip was the singer Jason Derulo. Its more of 22 million followers they saw how he became Spiderman during theWipe it Down Challenge“. Even added to your clip a spider “radioactive” that pick just like what happens to Peter Parker.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” wrote the singer in the video, which has already accumulated more than 690.000 “I like it” and 5.7 million views.

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