Angelina Jolie: how much do you earn per movie this actress?


The Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie meets today 45 years and thousands of users are commending through the social networks, so today we’re going to say how much you earn for each movie that makes.

We can never forget the great performances from Angelina Jolie, which made the Oscar-winning (Innocence interrupted); her performance alongside Johnny Depp in The Tourist or when it became a naive detective The collector of bones.

According to a list of Hollywood Reporter of the year 2013 several Hollywood actors charge up to $ 20 million per film (260 million pesos at that time), among which are the beautiful actress.

Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington and Will Smith receive this amount before it debuts the movie, while other actors get most of their income from advertising or events that are going to promote your movie.

In fact, several years ago Forbes placed her as the actress who most won for his work in Salt, and as the character number is 37 more influential in the United States.

This media also reported that Angelina received in their most successful years to 30 million dollars (390 million pesos) of income, which would mean that he won 132 thousand dollars each day (one million 700 thousand pesos).

It is known that his personal fortune amounted to about 130 million dollars (thousand 690 million pesos).

Kylie is not a billionaire, according to Forbes

The sister of Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Kendall amassed his fortune thanks to her makeup line, but when Forbes investigated KylieCosmetics discovered that the celebrity said to have more of what we actually had:

“Following the announcement that it had sold 51 percent of her company to COTY, the famous is apparently not declared inside of his fortune to the payment of taxes […] The ends unusual that Jenner has been willing to go (…) reveal how desperate they are some of the ultrarricos to look even more rich.”

However, the mom of Stormi did not stay silent and replied to the magazine via his Twitter, where he explained that she has never lied about their possessions or sales; in addition, he judged the reputation of the site by giving false news