Black Panther and nine other characters from movie superhero black


The subject of race is still on and in the world of film, especially in the united States, where it has had an impact since the start of the history of this art and that is still in force today. This in spite of the achievements in the struggle for rights in this country and beyond the victories obtained, in the delivery of the Oscar, from just four years ago a group of figures of Hollywood complained to see that among the 20 nominees in the categories of actors and actresses, there was not a single performer who was black.

The following year, he wanted to compensate the error, and until a superhero movie such as “Black Panther” was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best film, garnering three statuettes. Starring Chadwig, it was praised by many as the first tape of a súperheroe black, forgetting previous productions like the trilogy of “Blade”, starring Wesley Snipes, “Spawn”, Michael Jai White, or “Hancock” with Will Smith.

This shows that many times with this thorny issue of the color of the people and how you can go to extremes, reaching out to ask even characters like James Bond to be played by a black. In networking, we did a campaign for that after Daniel Craig did the british Idris Elba, as if they had not already heroes of color to be painted from black to the that are white.

Here the characters of the films of superheroes black cinema:

Blade: This vampire hunter has had until now three versions in the movie played by Wesley Snipes. Based on the Marvel comic book, the character appeared for the first time in 1973 and have new adventures in the cinema now with the face of Ali Maharshala.

Nick Fury: Samuel L. Jackson. The head of Shield in the comics is white, but in the Movie Universe of Marvel has changed color. Now we do not imagine Nick Fury without the face and the personality that has given him Samuel L. Jackson.

Black Panther: Played by Chadwick Boseman, became one of the tapes most important Marvel.

Cyborg: One of the members of the Justice League is this hero, half-human and half-machine that interprets Ray Fisher.

Storm: Ororo Monroe has been portrayed by Halle Berry in the first movies X-Men, and by Alexandra Shipp, in the tapes to the most recent and as a younger version of the character that can control the weather.

Hancock: This character, played by Will Smith, has a duality important as to his powers as to be invulnerable, to have strength unlimited and immortality, you have to fight with their problems of alcoholism.

Deathshot: Also played by Will Smith, this DC Comics character is a member of the Suicide Squad, who is an expert marksman and killer characterized because it never fails a shot.

Spawn: Played by Michael Jai White in the tape of the same name in 1997, is the story of a mercenary who, after being killed will seek revenge now as a soldier of Satan.

Falcon: Anthony Mackie embodies this member of The Avengers, and has a great skill in melee combat and that can fly thanks to his special suit.

Walkiria: Tessa Thompson embodies this warrior asgardiana that in the comics was, like Thor, the skin white but in the film your epidermis has darkened