BTS surprises with a great performance in Dear Class 2020


BTS once again proved their popularity with their participation in Dear of Class 2020a ceremony virtual to celebrate all those students who were not able to perform your dance graduation due to the pandemic.

The boys were one of the guests to motivate the students through an inspiring speech that invites them to pursue their dreams. The group also performed a musical participation to join to the virtual feast. Relive their best moments.

Through the platform of YouTube, took out the event Dear of Class 2020among interventions of Barack Obama, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry and more, BTS surprised the graduates and the ARMY with all his power to K-pop when interpreting “The Boy with luv”, “Mikrokosmos” and “Spring day”.

In social networks, the fandom shared the best moments of this presentation, which was recorded at the National Museum of Korea. BTS she wore beautiful and elegant dresses in clear colours, without losing the energy of his choreography.

Also wore bright microphones of electric colors, without doubt, was the appointment perfect for your prom. The most emotional moment came with Spring Daya’s beautiful melody that brought tears to more than one.

The culminating moment of BTS Dear Class 2020 came with the presentation of “Mikrokosmos”, without a doubt, it was one of the presentations most emotional of the group, because it ARMY the strange.

BTS ended the ceremony, which brought together tens of thousands of graduates of the United States, where the music, the language, experiences, and tips were merged to inspire new generations to keep fighting for their dreams and become a great person in your future.