Camila Cabello is sincere about the mental disorder that you suffer from


Camila Hair is one of those artists that have no problems showing his most human. Its 23 years, the singer afro-Cuban has always spoken openly of their problems in managing the fame and how the anxiety sometimes you get to grab it. Now has revealed that is suffering from TOC a mental disorder that makes it hard for life but against which struggle on a daily basis.

Camila Cabello is aware of the influence it has on the young people, your audience, and that’s why you want to treat the mental health issues matter-of-factly. Your goal is for your followers to see that they are affectations common and that if they also suffer from it do not have to feel awkward, but ask for help.

Camila Hair
Camila Hair

In a recent interview for the Wall Street Journal
Camila Hair
he has spoken not only of anxiety but of your OCD, revealing that sometimes makes life very difficult, but that fight daily against this disorder.

“There are No photos on this last year: I crying in the car talking with my mother about the anxiety that he suffered, and how many OCD symptoms I was experiencing. My mother and I in a hotel room reading all sorts of books about OCD because he desperately needed some relief” it has opened up to the artist.

Camila's Hair.
Camila’s Hair.

Camila Cabello has recounted his experience with total transparency: “I experienced what seemed to be anxiety which is constant, unwavering and unrelenting that it made daily life were painfully difficult.”

Before the question of why not what had been explained before the singer has admitted that he “didn’t want that those people who thought that it was strong and secure, those that believed in me, discovered that I felt weak”.

Camila's Hair with her long hair curly
Camila’s Hair with her long hair curly

She now realizes that that was not good: “Deny my suffering and regañarme to myself didn’t help”. And of course, I ended up passing a bill. “For a long time, the anxiety seemed to be that I was stealing my sense of humor, my joy, my creativity and my confidence. But now the anxiety and I are good friends. I listen to her because I know she is only trying to keep me safe, but don’t pay too much attention. And I am sure you do not let her make any decision,” he confessed.

Camila Cabello also has had to abandon their activity in social networks at some time or the other because that did not aggravate their mental health. So it’s best to take care of yourself was to stop networking:


Camila Hair
Camila Hair

“We live in a culture that pursues perfection. Social networks can make us feel that we should be as perfect as they all seem to. Far from being a sign of weakness, we need to wage our own struggles and take steps to heal ourselves”.