Camila Cabello spoke of his fight against obsessive compulsive disorder


The artist told openly what he has had to live and how it has managed to overcome to this disease.

The singer Camila Hair surprised to millions of fans after confessing that he suffers from anxiety which turned into obsessive-compulsive disorder (TOC), which has been known to control.

“I didn’t want to say what was happening for the same reason that many of us do not want to talk about what it feels like to be in war in our minds and in our bodies”revealed in an interview Wall Street Journal Magazine.

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There he indicated that while in their respective social networks was very happy in fact it was in an internal struggle mentally and physically.

“My anxiety was manifested in the form of obsessive compulsive disorder (…) OCD can take many different forms, and for me, they were obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. In a few words, made me feel that my mind, I was playing a trick cruel”added.

He stressed that at first he didn’t paid much attention, because he considered that it was not something important, however, was advanced, and the feeling was “constant, unwavering and relentless”, experiencing insomnia, headaches and heavy sorrows in a variety of situations by pointing out that even when he got off the stage and ended each show immediately called his mother crying.

After these symptoms, the artist sought professional help and was able to recover gradually thanks to the therapy, physical exercise and meditation.

According to detailed no longer struggle with OCDbecause this has almost completely disappeared, with only anxiety and with that she has learned to manage, making it your great friend.

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