Cardi B became a tremendous tattoo: So what is exhibited in tiny bikini [PHOTOS]


The famous rapper, Cardi B, he returned to surprise their millions of followers on social networks and this time, it was not for their scandals, but by a new tattoo that is made in your body.

The huge brand goes from the base to the never until the middle of the left thigh and for to show it did so with a tiny bikini.

The elaborate design that is made includes a butterfly surrounded by several flowers of enormous size and the same hyper-realistic style that was used for the design of a peacock that is a large part of his hip and his right thigh.

The charge of this design was Jamie Schene of the study Union 3 Tattoo of California.

Apparently, Cardi B has not resorted to a technique of ‘home-made’ to expand his collection of tattoos, as they have done celebs like Paris Jackson and Kaia Gerber during the quarantine period, and has preferred to rely on true professionals.

Other celebrities who have tattooed on their bodies, the butterflies are Shawn Mendes and Ariana Grande also looks one in the arm.

The singer received the approval of their fans and racked up over 7 million likes.