Chris Evans and Will Smith appear in the secret list of Jeffrey Epstein


Last Sunday, may 31, a news revolutionized the social networks after being revealed a long list of political figures and the entertainment industry at the global level, involved in the network of sex trafficking of children that was headed by the former magnate of Wall Street Jeffrey Epstein.

Many names of celebrated actors and singers were announced publicly on this list, among them are actors Will Smith and Chris Evans. However, apparently it was all a rumor posted on social networks to discredit these figures, because if it is true that there is a black list, but these two people are not involved.

Anonymous, the responsible of the explosion in social networks, was in charge of publishing the alleged list of contacts that he obtained the cell phone of the child molester Jeffrey Epstein, who some years ago committed suicide while he was paying a sentence in a maximum security prison.

Social networks erupted with the information that Will Smith was in that list. This information was researched and confirmed that it is totally fake. In this publication, can download the complete list posted by Anonymous to confirm the participants for their own account.

Now, in the case of Chris Evans, the situation is different and a bit more complicated: his name is in the list, but apparently this is not of our Captain America of the Marvel movies, but of course Chris Evans, dj and presenter famous in the United Kingdom.

It is noted that the death of Jeffrey Epstein occurred in a suspicious manner while waiting to be tried for allegedly leading a network of pedophilia, prostitution, and trafficking in persons which included a number of politicians and celebrities of Hollywood and the world as their main customers.