Don’t get tired! Millie Bobby Brown is the target of harsh criticism for this strange reason


At an early age, Millie Bobby Brown has become a promise of Hollywood. The actress who rose to fame with the series of Netflix “Stranger Things” it has paved the way in the field of interpretation, as a model, producer, and even entrepreneur. Within the small screen has garnered a lot of fans and is a role model for teenage girls.

However, it has also had to endure the criticisms of his detractors. Recently, it has regained the relevance of a popular thread Reddit that was viral a long time ago. This has been pointed out hard against the star, 16 years old, expressing that it is the actress children’s most annoying and exaggerated in years. Also goes back to question who looks more like an adult than like a girl of your age.

“Haters gonna hate”

“I hope not, it’s just me, but I can’t stand the MBBS,” said a user called u/stephenhar6501. She is so conceited. Reminds Me of a young Emma Watson, in his days of HP, just that Emma was sympathetic. Millie acts more like a twenty-something that as a little girl. Acts as if it were an amazing actress and is very diva”he added to his plea.

“I feel that the fame is rising to the head, which is a shame because, personally, I liked it at the beginning of Stranger Things. She will be pigeonholed or will end up having some kind of personal problems that ruined his career”, he dared to predict. Along the thread, a second shared the thoughts of the betrayer.

“I could not agree more. The first time I saw ST, I was impressed by your representation, even if his character Eleven does not speak much in those episodes. I believe that after the premiere of the first season of ST was well. I want to say, still acting as the little girl who was. But since the release of the second season, he began to act like an adult”.

To conclude his thought, he added: He was even nominated as one of the sexiest women in the story, but it was a girl among adult women. Let kids be kids”. This is not the first time that Millie Bobby Brown it has faced harassment and criticism from some sector of the Internet. However, it has responded to them with valid arguments, by asserting the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin, thereby preventing that these things affect. To hear a powerful discourse of yours, we recommend this other item.