For the brave: Katy Perry gets into the world of policy, bluntly and from the social networks


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, more commonly known by its name art Katy Perry, is one of the women ms influential in the media due to a large number of followers and by the Carian, which is gan of his fans since his great leap to fame in 2008.

At present, no doubt to show their social commitment in the social networks, since the case of George Floyd became known for all, the born in California be despatch in the network more than once and in his last posting he made propaganda policy.

Committed to the cause, the author of Never Worn White I shared with their 98.2 million of followers, a list of policies on the use of force that has the power to reduce the violence and deaths of law enforcement, and intended to be fulfilled in all states.

On the other hand, recently and in full pregnancy, the musical artist is sincere about one of the moments ms sad of his career and confess that for two years he was depressed and without being able to understand towards where it was going your life. All this was after his album Witness of 2017.

Because the album does not fulfill the expectations of the famous actress, was engulfed in a profound sadness that he carries quite a long time, where he felt very insecure and had to undertake a journey, emotional, spiritual and psychological, to understand why he trusted so much in the validation of their work.

Me I went back very unsafe and I had to undertake a journey, both emotional and spiritual and psicolgicamente, to understand why he trusted so much in the validacin of the material. Tena, you realize that everything related to my career is not all that life is, is just a part of who I am, he added the composer.

The singer add to that little in her life sirvi to grow and be able to go to the new lyrics, thanks to them, there is a new album to listen to. In fact, Katy Perry said that the song Daisies is about chasing dreams, and not worry about what other people think about it.

Now s, the and also entrepreneur est list for live motherhood for the first time, since that was part of the see the light at the end of the tunnel, she herself said that her pregnancy had a lot to do with back to feeling happy and full. And she is grateful for all of the learning that is brought to that time of his life.