How will the end of ‘OT 2020’ having to adapt to the coronavirus?


After a few weeks of the most restless for the confinement and pandemic coronavirus, ‘bloopers’ returning to Tv screen in Spanish between strict security measures. The talent of music was one of the television programs most affected by the severe health crisis that forced her to take the close the academy and send the contestants to their houses to comply with the measures ordered by the Government through the state of alarm. With things more calm, ‘OT 2020’ is prepared to carry out the grand final and the end of this edition so atypical.

Hugo, Eva, Nia, Anaju and Flavio are the brand new five finalists of ‘operación Triunfo 2020’ and will face off next Wednesday, June 10 in a grand final to finish this edition, which was forced to stop for nearly two months. With Roberto Leal to the front in what will be his last program in the chain public, the talent of music will look for your winner in compliance with the strict security measures and hygiene on the occasion of the pandemic COVID-19. From Epik you have all the details of how it will carry out this last gala of course, will look with the plate empty and with public virtual.

To the surprise of all followers of the format, the 16 triunfitos of this edition will meet once again on the stage to play ‘Tell the life’ of Rafa Romera and ‘the Salt of my’, the theme that you have composed with Andrés Suárez. The five finalists they will return to sing the songs which they sang during the gala 0: Nia ‘I lke it’ de Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, Hugo ‘Wolves’ de Leiva, Anaju ‘Catalina’ of Rosalia, Eva ‘Let’s twist again’ Chubby Checker, and Flavio ‘Yourman’ by Josh Turner. These themes of the gala event, 0, is added to the songs that have preparing all week in the academy: Nia ‘Say Shomething’ A great big world and Christina Aguilera, Hugo ‘Radioactive’ from Imagine Dragons, Eva ‘People help the people’ de Birdy, Anaju ‘7 rings’ Ariana Grande and Flavius ‘Death of a bachelor’ of Panic! At the disco.

However, not all of the finalists will come to a final vote. In the ecuador of the gala, two of the finalists say goodbye to ‘idol’ and will not be eligible for the final prize. The three triunfitos that pass this screening process, must interpret their corresponding singles to achieve to conquer to the public.

What is the prize of ‘OT 2020’?

Unlike other editions, the winner of ‘operación Triunfo’ will not represent Spain in the Eurovision song contest as the chosen one for this is the murciano Blas Cantó. Therefore, the triunfito achieve proclaimed winner of this edition will be with you a check for 100,000 euros as was the case with Famous, winner of ‘OT 2018’. It is expected the presence of the young man to pass the baton to the new winner.