In their networks, Ariana Grande opens up to the voices to the fight against racism


In the same way that celebrities the likes of Madonna, Ariana Grande he did not remain silent after the case of the death of the citizen (African-American, George Floyd, which occurred last week.

Before this happened, the American singer emerged from Nickelodeon was touting Rain on me, a song that plays along to Lady Gaga.

However, the death of Floyd, allegedly at the hands of an agent of the police of Minnesota, has forced the artists, as Ari G. has to raise his voice, but also some options to do something different.

For example, Large public in their stories, content about organizations that fight to end with the discrimination racial in the united States. Some of these are: Boris Henson Foundation, 8 cant wait, LGTBQ+ Freedom fund and The Marshall Project.

In this way, the interpreter of “7 Rings” it ensures that your message reach the millions of followers you have in your account of Instagram.

Also, the singer-songwriter born in Florida he has participated in demonstrations performed in Los angeles, the city where he currently lives.

And, although the interpreter of “Thank u, next” has not continued promoting his single with Lady Gaga, this weekend I received a news story about the success they have obtained with Rain on me.

According to the Twitter account, Chart Data, sthe ong of the Mother Monster and Ariana Grande it is the first collaboration between two female vocalists that achieved the first position in the Billboard 100 in the history! In other words: great.