It frustrated! Scarlett Johansson pointed out against the irresponsibility of the media


The star of Marvel Scarlett Johansson it is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today. With the film of the heroine “Black Widow” on the road and several instalments of “The Avengers” under her belt, the actress can now also add Oscar nominations to her list of credits. In the last edition received a double recognition after having been named by their roles in the drama “history of a marriage” and “Jojo Rabbit”.

Despite his evident talent, Johansson has been the object of an endless number of questions sexist during the press tours that their male counterparts have never had to endure. While they have asked questions related to the construction of their characters, the actress is limited to deal with doubts about the physical aspect as the heroine.

It is for this reason that, long ago, after tiring of hearing fake stories about their strict regimes and physical food, the star public a disclaimer in the format of an opinion article for a popular international medium. In him, Johansson said: “Since I dedicated myself to get in the form of a superhero, I have called attention several articles about my weight.”

“It has been said that I have been on a strict workout routine regulated by my classmates, put into shape by trainers I don’t know, eating sprouted grains I can’t pronounce and ultimately losing almost 7 pounds… I am a small person to begin with, so the idea of losing this amount of weight is crazy”.

The Oscar-nominated actress went on to describe in detail what is a weight loss of that amount would mean to her. “If you lost 7 pounds, would have me out of both arms. And a foot”wrote the actress. “I’m frustrated with the irresponsibility of the sensationalist media who sell the public ideas about how we should look and how we should get there.”

The main objective of Scarlett Johansson it was to clearly convey to the public that she is not behind these false messages of body weight unattainable. In the statement, she also expressed that she would be deeply mortified if they discovered that a teenager read one of these articles and the decision to do any crash diet in order to achieve resemble her.