It helps all! Selena Gomez and her eternal look becomes a trend in the new season


The largest sample of social commitment found Selena Gomez before the chaos caused by the abuse of authority in Minnesota, was to give control of your account of Instagram so that people who are ignored would be vidibilizadas.

And this is so, that this weekend happened, celebrity he introduced his fans to Alicia Garza, a woman activist who is dedicated to influencing you through your podcast on the fight against racism and discrimination.

The measure was successful and so it is that Lady Gaga did the samefor example, being one of the most famous artists who acknowledged having fought never against this social inequality. At this hour, the TV producer you should feel proud for what caused it.

In addition, prior to ceding control, Selena urged its 179 million followers to sign a petition that awaits the arrest of the police officers that claimed the life of the paramedic Breonna Taylor, who last Friday had served 27 years old, the same age as the itgirl.

To the surprise of those involved and their accomplices encubridores, the petition reached the four million signatures and celebrity also asked Andy Beshear, governor of the state of Kentucky, which relates to the case of Breonna.

On the other side and changing flatly topic, of face to the summer not missing a lot, the look of the composer musical it became a trend for your convenience, versatility, and flatter any face type.

We refer to the haircut that almost never or never stopped using it the creator of the 13 Reason Why. And we saw it in all of its options, such as bob, curly lob, or simply long bob, and always favoring the type of face round like hers, or Gigi Hadid, for example.

And it will be fashionable in the new season not only because it is practically easy to maintain and helps the hair grow healthy and strong, but because the actress it is considered one of the influencers more accepted in the world, and every outfit he wears is imitated immediately.