Johnny Depp is declared fan of Cantinflas and wants to star in his movie

Cantinflas, it is one of the most famous iconic of Mexico, which has crossed borders and has been recognized in different parts of the world. Mario Moreno was the actor who gave him life and one of the idols of Johnny Depp, who has recently been declared a fan of his character.

Johnny Depp Cantinflas

This is known thanks to Mario Moreno del Moral, grandson of Mario Moreno Cantinflas, who in a recent interview he confessed that some time ago had a conversation with Johnny Depp, who came to him for to show him the admiration that he has for the work of his grandfather and would be very interested in being part of any project.

It is as well as has emerged on the rumour that there is a new movie that tells the life of Mario Moreno and his character as Cantinflas, Johnny Depp it would be one of the main candidates to interpret; something that very few could be reached to imagine and something that certainly would be a challenge for Depp, who has always been recognized for being an actor of multi-faceted in their different movies.

Johnny Depp Cantinflas

In addition to the above, Mario Moreno del Moral he told how it was that Johnny Depp became a fan of your grandfather, something which the same actor told during his talk:

“Whenever Johnny has moments to relax, or go on a trip we really like the beaches in mexico, then came to Mexico and went on television, I always saw this character in different films and he says, ‘I don’t speak Spanish perfectly, but you know as an actor how is the acting, although you do not speak the same language, as the feelings beyond the screen, as the laughter is something super-powerful’”

Johnny Depp Cantinflas

For now do not know more details of the biopic of Cantinflasonly that Johnny Depp would be willing to police force and that the producer and Mexican actress, Olga Segura, would also form part of the project.