Justin Bieber. Against racism, supports take advantage of black culture


Justin Bieber is committed to fighting against the racial injustices, after admitting that it had “benefited from the black culture” throughout his career.

“I’m inspired by the black culture. I have benefited from the black culture ”, wrote Bieber in a statement in sociale networkss. “My style, how to sing, dance, act and my fashion have been influenced and inspired by black culture”.

After this reflection, the interpreter of Baby, he assured that in the future will do what is necessary to fight for a change, all in the framework of the movement Black Lives Matter that broke out after the assassination of George Floyd by police brutality.

“I am committed to using my platform from this day forward, to learn, to talk about racial injustice and systemic oppression, and identify ways to be part of a much-needed change,” continues the document.


In days past, Bieber I had already spoken about it with the commentator Angela Rye for CNN, interview in which he shared his desire to intervene directly in the struggle against racial inequality in the world.

“I have felt shame in the sense of why these men were killed? This made that I almost put a blanket over your eyes,” he said. “Why now? I feel bad when it comes to that,” he continued.

In their social spaces, Bieber has already begun to share related content and even dedicated a publication to Breonna Taylor, a black woman, unarmed, was killed by a police officer inside his home last March.