Justin Bieber likes to Touch and boasts in networks


The Canadian singer Justin Bieber surprised his followers on social networks, after revealing his taste for the music of the grouping of us tex-mex, Untouchable.

The performer of “Yummy”, recently conducted a live broadcast, through social networks, in which he dedicated himself to share with her fans some details of his private life.

It was in the transmission Instagram, in which he revealed his liking for the group, because, as talked with his followers, along with his wife, the American model, Hailey Baldwin stressed the theme that the young artist heard in the background.

This is “give me a kiss” of Untouchable, a fact that did not stop be commented on by internet users during the live because the followers of Bieber stopped paying attention to the conversation between the couple and focused on the song that sounded in the background.

The American pool, they even released the snippet through your account on Instagram, a fact that also caused quite a stir among fans of the band, which accompanied its publication with a description of “How come?, Justin Bieber listening to Untouchable in his live”.

Many commented on the clip and praised the musical tastes of the young singer, however, others felt that it was not he who listened to the theme, if not one of his employees: “Know good music”, “it Was the cleaning lady”, “they Were the workers from outside by listening to this good music, not Bieber”, “Know what is good”, wrote some internet users among the comments.