Lana del Rey criticised for posting video of looting during protests by Floyd


Lana del Rey has found himself in controversy once more, because this Sunday, the singer and songwriter shared two videos of protesters calling for justice for George Floyd, who died after a police officer Minneapolis knelt on his neck for nine minutes.

Death of George Floyd cause a wave of protests in the united States
Lana del Rey joins the movement by George Floyd with publications in Instagram

The first video that Lana del Reyshared on Instagram showed a man standing in a car burned to the ground while she was holding a sign that said: “no justice, no peace”. The second showed several people breaking into the business and running around with arms filled when sounded the alarms, also posted a picture of herself in the protest.

Although I had comments disabled on your publication, some of his fellow musicians were angry and criticized her for sharing the second video.

“@LanaDelRey, please delete your post of Instagram, it is dangerous in addition to very poor choice of moments to publish”, tweeted Kehlani. “For that account, protest, but do NOT put individuals in danger with your huge platform. Oh, and dale disables comments in your publication.”

“It’s not about her, don’t do it for her”, added the singer of “Konclusions” on Lana del Rey. “It does not continue putting in danger the lives of black people. It’s about responsibility.”

Not long after the emergence of critical messages on social networks, the singer of “Norman F – king Rockwell” removed the second video and put the picture of yourself in their stories. Kehlani then deleted his own tweet and added: “I was told that the publication had been deleted and that was my point, so remove the tweet”.

Tinashe also weighed in on the new controversy of Lana del Rey, tweeting, “why the hell are you posting people looting shops in your page, literally, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?”

The songwriter Durbin Suttle also expressed his frustration with Lana del Rey, tweeting: “Wool has never been an ally. #DearWhitePeople could be our true allies, PLEASE, DO SOMETHING!”

Lana del Rey in the middle of the controversy

In a publication of Instagram, Lana del Rey wrote: “Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have had a number one with songs about being sexy, don’t wear clothing, pretending, cheating, etc, can I go back to sing about to be incarnated, to feel beautiful to be in love with, even if the relationship is not perfect, or dance for money, or what you want, without being crucified or say that I’m romanticizing the abuse?”

After being labeled as “racist” for his statements against female artists of color in your publication, Lana del Rey, responded in the comments, writing: “it Is sad to talk about a topic of WOC when I’m talking about my favorite singers. You could, literally, have mentioned to anyone, but I chose my favorite”.

Lana del Rey spoke about the publication again on May 24. In the six-minute video, he continued defending himself. “I am not the enemy, and definitely am not a racist, so don’t twist,” he said after referring to herself as a girl of girls. “No one can tell your story except you, and that is what I will do in the next two books. So God bless you and, yes, fuck if you don’t like the publication.”