Meghan and Harry have the security team of Jeff Bezos and costs a fortune


Fixed the issue of who will make the money, now what “concerned” was to know what company is both trusted to put into their hands the safety of them and, more importantly, to your child Archie Harrison. The other unknown as it also has a response and it is very surprising.

There have been various causes for which the dukes of Sussex have you had to take averages extremes to guard against: the mansion in which they live in Beverly Hills, owned by the producer Tyler Perry, is located on a hill and passers-by could see a few points without a problem, installing opaque fences.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had to face all sorts of speculation since his departure from the house of Windsor.
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But that didn’t stop the paparazzi which they then used drones to fly over the property, which ended with the patience of Meghan and the prince Harry and has now decided that the services you hired to be in charge of making them feel safe are of the most elite in the country.

The dukes of Sussex they resorted to the same private company that preserves celebrities and to the 90 families with the last names of the most renown in the world, which means that the invoice will not be anything cheap. Prince Charles you will have to shell out six thousand euros daily, according to The Mirror.