Member of BTS is crowned as the “Best Side in the World by 2020”


The Koreans are conquering the world, not only with his music, also with its beauty. In a hard-fought competition among 100 famous, a member of BTS is crowned “The Best Face of the World 2020″.

In accordance with The Truth for the second year in a row Kim Tae-hyung, better known as V in the band of k-pop BTS, is named “The Best face of the world“by “Entertainment Awards“.

The “Awards of entertainment” conducted an annual survey with 100 of the most famous celebrities from all over the world, in the list can be found Chris Evans, Ariana Grande, Noah Centineo, Kylie Jenner, Henry Cavil, and more.

To define “The best face of the world“it makes a vote based on the global popularity and the power of the fanatics of every famous, whoever has the most votes is crowned with such recognition.

Among the 100 celebrities, most popular, the ‘Prizes entertainment’ choose 3 celebrities male and main female, and finally announce the winner in the function of the points are cumulative through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the online survey.

With 1,705,681 votes, V of BTS she won the title of “The Best Face of the 2020“.


Earlier this year, the Idol of BTS won the title of “Ultimate Asian Heartthrob 2020” after an intense battle in a series of surveys participated by fanatics global. Took the title for the third consecutive year that catapulted him to the ‘Hall of Fame’.

In fact, a few days ago V he held several headlines worldwide after being named as “The man most handsome in the world by 2020” by the prestigious “Top 10 World” of YouTube Media, where he beat Hollywood stars such as Zayn Malik, Chris Evans, and Tom Cruise.

In addition, his face has also been a hot topic among plastic surgeons renowned who praised the symmetry and the golden proportion of the face Kim Tae-hyung.