Millie Bobby Brown: Everything you need to know of the new movie “Enola Holmes”


“Stranger Things” will not be, far and away, the only property that will be current productions of Netflix with Millie Bobby Brown to the front. On April 21, 2020, the giant of the transmission announced that it has acquired the rights for the next movie Legendary Pictures, “Enola Holmes”.

The tape is based on the popular detective novels of the same name Nancy Springer. Brown is in charge of the character, the precocious younger sister of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, who turns out to be a detective in your own right.

Enola Holmes will be sure to please fans of the segment, a teenager and a young adult. Directed by Harry Bradbeer, who took charge of the second season of Fleabag and several episodes of “Killing Eve”, the film features a screenplay by Jack Thorne, of “His Dark Materials”.

As if all this were not exciting for the next release, we have even more details on the release date, the cast and the plot of the new Millie Bobby Brown, courtesy of a press release from Netflix.

Details of the film Enola Holmes

Although for the time has not been announced the exact date of launch, there are some clues on when we can expect it to reach the platform.

The filming of “Enola Holmes” began in London in July 2019, Millie Bobby Brown confirmed on Instagram that this was completed in September of that year. Although this does not tell us exactly when will be its release, leaves standing the title in the middle of the coronavirus.

The film has already spent seven months with the main list of photos, which is enough time to do all the necessary mounting.

In addition, the portal IMDb currently, it has been directed to the project as a launch in 2020. The plot will focus on a mysterious case that involves a teenager disappeared and whose father has been murdered.

The british actor of 37 years is recognized by interpreting the 'Man of Steel' in the films of the DCEU.
Henry, who will accompany the young actress in this new film from Netflix, you could return soon to the cinema, returning to give life to Superman, but this still is not confirmed/Photo: Fusion Freak

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Brown, in the skin of Enola, will be in charge of investigating what happened with the help of his brother Sherlock, played by Henry Cavill. At the moment we are still waiting for a concrete date, but taking into account that will go directly to the transmission, it is evident that we will have more news in the coming months.