Of mutant to vampire! Jennifer Lawrence starred in a remake of a classic horror


After being a superheroine of Marvel and a rebel of a government dystopic, the Oscar winner could join the vampires to suck blood in the new version of a horror movie do it just in case ‘Dracula’ or Jennifer Lawrence starred in the remake of ‘The Hunger’?

It is known that currently, the American actress has been a little absent from the chambers after the failure of ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, which raised $ 252 million of the 200 million costs of the film, while on Rotten Tomatoes and a 23 approval, however, his triumphant return could be thanks to the genre of vampires.

According to We Got This Covered, the project in which they could participate is in the remake of The Hunger, where the celebrity would be one of the main characters, while the address is still being negotiated by the filmmaker Duncan Jones, the man responsible for films like ‘Moon’ and ‘Warcraft’.

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