Photos of Chris Hemsworth surfing at the beach more sexy than ever


The actor wore the most beautiful and handsome on the beach

Chris Hemsworth has sparked sighs on the networks after being caught on the beach with your child in a day of surfing.

The famous actor wearing a suit of surf and a table, as his son, whom he was teaching her how to surf, something that both he and his brother, Liam Hemsworth, practice.

Hemsworth, who plays Thor in The Avengers looked sexier than ever, showing off his toned body and squares that are marked in the suit, surf, releasing sighs.

“OMG what a beauty”, “Chris is so handsome”, “Is that Thor is perfect”, “my God, my God he is perfect”, “looks so sexy”, “I Loved your hair that beautiful”, “He is a God”, “This photo brightened my day,” “What envy I have for Elsa”, and “the beauty made man”, were some of the reactions in the networks.


His small son also enjoyed this day next to his father, on the beach of Byron Bay in Australia, and looked very happy, and eager to learn.

Surfing is the favourite pastime of the actor is Australian, and every time you have time go to the beach with your family, or just for practice, perfecting their technique.