Rage for challenge viral TikTok which allows you to transform into another person


Tiktok is the application of fashion in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus (orthocoronavirinae) that is gripping the world and while some vececes has challenges that do not have a lot of sense or go beyond, in other instances, the evidence that constant of animated videos can prove to be a boom.

This is what happened with “Wipe it Down” or its name in Spanish “challenge of the limpiavidros”that allows us a lot more than just get the dirt to the mirrors.

The challenge, which has 6300 million views in the mentioned social network, it is quite simple and consists in be recorded with an aspect desaliƱeado and poorly dressed, to be transformed in a matter of seconds in a sexy, eccentric or bizarre.

The challenge began with TikToker rominagafur the last 26 of April, although on that occasion it was scored with the song “The Box” of Roddy Ricch.

A lot of people also appeared doing cosplay and Will Smith joined with one of their most famous characters, Jay of Men in Black, Men in Black.