Ricky Martin confesses that his life is in danger in the USA

The singer confessed that he is also concerned about her husband and their four children

In the face of the maelstrom of protests and demonstrations that have been raised against racism for the death of George Floydthe singer Ricky Martin who , from several years ago lives in the United States, he confessed that he feels unsafe and unprotected because of its origins latinos and their sexual preferences because they believe that this makes it an easy target of the authorities of this country.

“I am a Latino man, a homosexual, married to an Arab man, living in the United States, or I am a threat to these people for where to see it,” he said to the driver, Enrique Santos.

ricky martin

Photo: Instagram @ricky_martin

The Puerto Rican singer explained that they feel vulnerable when performing activities of daily living as simple as going for a coffee. “I live this every day, not as exposed as all because I live isolated, I live in my home, I’m quiet, I’m going from here (home) work, work, go home, study my to the house, but we live here, and we hear the stories, and feel… or grab the car and cross the desert and stop to take a coffee in a dinner can be dangerous, but I didn’t grow up thinking that America is so… America is so already, it has always been like that,” he shared.

The dad of four also noted that it is thanks to the technology that is now exposed more easily with cases of racism, abuse or violence from the authorities.”Now we have cameras and we see, now we as citizens turn on the phone, we recorded the injustice and that is why we get angry, because now what we’re seeing,” he said.

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Photo: Instagram @ricky_martin

Finally Ricky Martin said that personally he tries to instill in their children a philosophy of life based on love, a peculiarity that will help you in the following generations fade away racist attitudes.

Ricky and her husband, Jwan Yosef, are the parents of four: Valentino, Matteo, Renn and Lucy. The sons of the singer are most important in your life, for it is that Martin tries to ensure that the young ones are away from the violent images of the disturbances in order to maintain your mental health as best as possible in this confinement.