Selena Gomez urges its followers to vote with an incredible strategy

LOS ANGELES (united States).- Selena Gomez wants to encourage its young fans to vote in November 2020. But they can not participate in the elections unless you have taken the time to register. And now Selena has given them every reason in the world to sign up. The singer of “Back to You” says he will send a direct message to any of its fans that can show you a screenshot that has been officially registered to vote.

With the message displayed to its 178 million followers on Instagram, Selena could end up preparing a lot of people to go to the polls. On June 3, the singer of “Wolves” took their stories of Instagram, and returned to post a message on the site When We All Vote. There, he included the message, “there are three actions that you can take to help strengthen our democracy.” Selena, then she wrote: “I will respond to DMs from people that show me a screenshot that you are registered to vote“.

For many supporters this is a unique opportunity! In the instructions to the three steps mentioned in the stories of IG of Selena, the first was “Register to vote”. The next opportunity was to “organize” and “mobilize”, making promise of vote safe, and inviting five friends to do the same. While Selena did not say that he needed the fans to do the three steps, encouraged through sharing the message of the site. Selena Gomez is not the only star who encourages her fans to go out and vote.

Rihanna visited her Instagram on the 2nd of June and shared a list of states that have primary elections, local or state. She wrote in the photo caption, “VOTE. You have nothing else to do man! Get your c&%& of the couch and go vote! I don’t want to hear another excuse! I stop believing that your vote and your voice don’t matter! This is the most unfair of protest… vote for the change you want to!”. For many, in these times of civil unrest, voting is the more peaceful way of change and protest.

Even the singer of “Umbrella” not refused to respond directly to a follower who disagreed with his call to vote. The fan took the work of writing in the publication of the singer’s “Vote will not change anything”, RiRi was quick to write: “I’m fed up of hearing this! Do you know what’s not going to change? ¡¡¡You are not making a m#%$#!!”. The message and the reaction of Rihanna occurred after the strong protests that arose in the united States to demand justice for the death of George Floyd.