So it’s like Kanye West to help the daughter of George Floyd and the movement Black Lives Matter


On the 25th of may, George Floyd died at 46 years of age in Minnesota, in the hands of
Derek Chauvin (a police officer who attacked him and resulted in him choking until he lost his life). After this outrageous event, there were numerous demonstrations in the united States and the movement Black Lives Matter ” to protest against racism.

Celebrities like Harry Styles, Chrissy Teigien, Blacke Lively and Ryan Reynolds announced in recent days that had made heavy donations to help combat racism and supporting the protesters who are being detained (and need to pay fines to get out of prison). But what we didn’t know (until now) is that there is another famous who donated a large amount of money in silence to give more power to Black Lives Matter: Kanye West.

How much money donated Kanye West to the family of George Floyd?

According to a recent issue of Variety, the husband of Kim Kardashian tried to be very discreet about it, but it has been discovered that Kanye donated $ 2 million (which is equivalent to more than 43 million pesos).

The donation of the music producer and fashion designer will be earmarked to support the family of George Floyd (mainly to Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, according to CNN).