Taylor Swift spoke with their young admirers via Youtube


LOS ANGELES (united States).- “I know that probably this was not the type of graduation that you thought that you’d have,” he said Taylor Swift in a video sent to all graduates in quarantine 2020. She spoke with their young admirers, and people from all over the world, via Youtube graduation ceremony virtual, that he hoped to bring together people recently graduated in a way that could not happen this year due to the coronavirus.

“I identify with that,” he added, before sharing his own story of miss his own graduation. Your situation was quite different. She explained at that time, I was on a tour of music on the radio with his mother, was travelling in the “car rentals” around the country and sent their certificate by mail. “That was not what I imagined,” explained Taylor when he thought of his fantasy of graduation. But he admitted that something came of the experience for her.

“I guess that’s a good lesson to learn,” said Taylor, “it is to expect the unexpected, but to celebrate anyway. I am very proud of you and I hope that you pass very well and are really proud of yourselves“. While Taylor used his voice to celebrate the graduates today, at the beginning of the week, used his scope to talk about a completely different subject, but that still greatly affects young people.

Taylor Swift invites his followers to vote in the upcoming election

In the midst of the protests caused by the death of George Floyd, president Donald Trump he made comments on the violence glorified: “when you start the looting, the gunfire begins”. Taylor Swift was quick to respond. “You’ll vote in November. @realdonaldtrump”, wrote the singer, and considering its fan base, the “we” includes many of the young people contacted during the event on Youtube.

Certainly, many celebrities, young people, like Halsey, Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande, have taken to the streets to join the protests. Meanwhile, Barack and Michelle Obama, who delivered opening speeches during the ceremony, have also been becoming more outspoken and supporters of the protesters still take to the streets. In terms of the graduates, along with Taylor, listened to other great stars such as Beyoncé, Russell Wilson, and Demi Lovato.