Tekashi 6ix9ine announces musical collaboration with Akon on “Locked Up Part 2”


From that 6ix9ine he came to the house of the prison, the legendary artist Akon has been fighting for him. Akon defended by what 6ix9ine ended up making a mockery of his fellow gang, and in a moment, Akon seemed to be interested in making a successful battle with Tekashi.

Now, the two go even further with their new friendship, as Akon has been hanging out in the house of 6ix9ine where the rapper hair rainbow has its own makeshift studio.

The song 'Locked Up' released in 2004 was the one that launched the stardom of the performer of 47 years.
Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, is a famous rap singer, hip hop, and other genres that have among their biggest hits topics such as

In the clip below, Tekashi and Akon are entering into a new track in which 6ix9ine talks about being imprisoned. You can see Akon by moving the head and, finally, we hear their hook from the classic song “Locked Up”. In the publication of 6ix9ine, refers to the song as “Locked Up ” Part 2″ and that is currently in mode album.

6ix9ine urged his fans to comment on the publication of IG and said that if you get 100,000 comments, it will launch the song. Tekashi has been provoking another song in the last few weeks and originally I was going to go out on the 5th of June but was delayed until 12 June.

With this latest partnership in mind, perhaps really there is some steam in this whole tour back of 6ix9ine. Here we leave the video and original song from Akon “Locked Up” a duet with Styles P:

Criticize Akon on social networks

The alleged collaboration has caused a stir on social networks, with Akon becoming a topic trend on Twitter.

Many people are uncomfortable because the artist is a Senegalese-American who decided to link up with Tekashi, who has been labeled as a snitch for cooperating with the federal government to help defeat the gang Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. They will know his wrath.

“Akon lost all of my respect,” said the rapper Ice-Billion-Berg on Twitter. “I felt that he was belittling to African Americans, and fucking with the enemy of the culture proves it.”

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“Akon… black Man, what are you doing…?” another person noticed. “What Deshonraste to throughout Senegal by a Mexican with a wig that will call you nigga in the face? 2020 is showing off all his c*it”.