The 10 best movies and series of superheroes on Netflix


Today, the film and the series of superheroes are one of the genres most successful among the viewers around the world. Avengers: Endgame is the highest-grossing movie of all time, surpassing Avatar, Titanic or the legendary Star Wars. And is that, since the comic gave the leap to celluloid, there have been superheroes of all tastes and colors.

In either comedy, drama, pure action, or a simple story of origins of the character, are increasingly the heroes who make the leap to the big screen. And Netflix has in its catalog a few gems of the genre that are must-haves, whether they be DC, Marvel, or their own creations.

From the watchmen Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan to the parallel series to the Marvel Universe, going by the comedies of Will Smith or the anime more thug, these are the top 5 movies and top 5 series of superheroes that you can find on the streaming service.


In a society where the superheroes of the real-life a long time ago that they are prohibited, the few that are still active will have to deal with a convoluted conspiracy orchestrated by Ozymandias, the man most ready in the world, while the shadow of the almighty Dr. Manhattan is always present.


The film that gave birth to the Marvel Universe as we know it. Robert Downey Jr. gets for the first time in the skin of Tony Stark in this movie of origins directed by Jon Favreau that was a before and an after in the way to understand the Marvel movies.


THE immortal Joker of Heath Ledger is presented as one of the villains best worked in the history of cinema in this sequel of Batman Origins that signature Christopher Nolan. A tense thriller with the Dark Knight thread that today of today is considered by many as the best film of the genre.


Although it is not the height of its predecessor, the third installment of the trilogy of Nolan closes to the perfection of the circle initiated by the director by giving more prominence to the Bruce Wayne of Christian Bale, which on this occasion is facing the brutal version of Bane, Tom Hardy.


Before Tom Holland assumed the role of Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield taking over from Tobey Maguire in this reboot of the origins of Spider-Man based on the Ultimate series. A curious updated version of Peter Parker for the first time faces the Lizard.


After the relative fiasco of Ben Affleck as the Man Without Fear Netflix was made with the rights of the character for this adaptation is more visceral and true to the comics, played by Charlie Cox. The series that gave birth to the quintet of Marvel superhero in the streaming service, and introduces you to great characters like Elektra, Punisher or Kingpin.


After passing through the 2nd season of Daredevil, Jon Bernthal returns to get under the skin of Frank Castle to punish all the criminals that escape the law. With aesthetics and violence reminiscent of the collection Punisher MAX Garth Ennis, the actor demonstrates that it is the perfect choice to play the man of the skull in the chest.


A group of orphans born on the same day and with curious powers ranging from the manipulation of time to super strength, or regeneration, are recruited by an eccentric millionaire and his chimpanzee butler to form the first family of superheroes to the story.


A young single mother will have to learn how to educate your child a pre-teen, that has a unique set of skills, while trying to keep you safe from the cruelty of the outside world, you still fail to understand that those who are different deserve to be accepted.


One of the animes that are more successful in the last few years, One Punch Man narrates, with a peculiar sense of humor, the story of Saitama, a normal type which to base physical training he managed to become the strongest man in the world. Both, that is capable of shooting down any enemy in a single punch. But, what makes someone who always wanted to be the best when you finally get to your goal?