The cast of “13 Reasons Why” was that she felt the end of the series


After three great seasons, Netflix premiered this morning the fourth and final installment of “13 Reasons Why” on their platform. The series produced by Selena Gomez won the heart of thousands of young people around the world over the years.

If something stands out in “13 Reasons Why”, are the stories of their characters, with which people of all generations were identified. The series shows problems which adolescents live day to day in society.

Source: Pop Sugar

With the release of the long-awaited ending of the original production from Netflix, the actors and actresses spoke with the site Pop Sugar. They talked about what we will find in the fourth season, the impact of the series and how it was to work together in a production that really touched the hearts of the viewers.

Ross Buttler (Zack): In this season we are all dealing with the murder of Bryce on our way. I think what’s interesting is that the public will be able to see how each of their favorite characters makes it in a different way. In addition, we are all for graduation, how are we going to overcome this before the end of the secondary? What then comes next? We are not dealing only with the death of Bryce and to cover up his murder, but also with all that wine going on in the 3 seasons.”

Alisha Boe (Jessica): “It will be very satisfactory verlosgraduarse, because we’re also going to see them mature a lot this season. The characters move each one in their own way and they’re going to decide they want for their future with everything you learned up to now. You’re going to see more of a camadería”

Brandon Flinn (Justin): “The intent of the characters will keep a relationship going when you finish high school, but we’re going to realize that some of these situations and clinging to the past may be the greatest obstacle. Usually, when you finish high school and not always as close to the same people”.