The choices of style that have become the wardrobe of Katy Perry in the most optimistic of the quarantine


We have seen her walk the red carpet of the Gala at the Met in a converted chandelier human, presenting the awards of MTV with a skirt in the form of a carousel, to act with a dress embroidered with dice giant or covered lollipops. For Katy Perry -as I would say, Celia Cruz – life is a carnival and that’s why, since the beginning of his career, he has been very clear that clothing was a crucial part of your message (and your personality) as a singer.

One facet that seems to have deepened during the quarantine especially since he announced that expecting a child with his partner, actor Orlando Bloom. As she herself has acknowledged, the hormonal changes have greatly influenced the choice of the last sets that we’ve seen look. Also having to save the social distance and seek to draw closer to their fans through the only resource available these days: social networks. She has been through the screen and with releases like the video Daisies, the first song from his fifth album that will be published at the end of this summer, as Perry has found the best way to convey their contagious optimism.

Precisely the floral print has been one of their best allies, especially the margaritas (as the title of their song) and this silk dress by British designer Richard Quinn was the one who served him to announce his first performance televised live for the single from the program in which it participates, American Idol.

With your home garden as a private setting, he also used another dress with print floral on on this occasion one of Carolina Herrera with neckline word of honor that left the shoulders bare.

The organza it has been another resource infallible and with the volume this green dress by the designer Simone Rocha gave the nail on the head.

But as to go unnoticed is not something that you enjoy too, the metallic effects you also have given a lot of pitch. Especially in dresses, poncho-like this, of lame pleated of Balenciaga with shoes to match.

For another of his recent performances, and in a scenario completely virtual, Perry was dedicated to dancing barefoot with this minidress rosa fluor of Valentino.

With the intention of encouraging their fans and encouraging them to be “the princess of your garden” the singer used a dress reflex holographic with puffed sleeves and a flounced skirt of Batsheba.

And how could it be otherwise, the humor has not been left out of the menu style during the quarantine of the singer, who has given us several of his accustomed costumes without losing sight of the present, transforming it into a roll toilet paper or a pot of gel sanitizer.

With this waste of imagination shows us once more that the look is appropriate, with the right dose of originality and humor, you can animate any situation. And by the way, be entertaining during the quarantine period.