The court lob Selena Gomez that favors to the women of round face


If you are looking to freshen up your style these days but you don’t get the hair cut that is ideal for you, you can start reviewing the styles of the famous. If your face is round, in that case, you can be inspired by the singer Selena Gomez and her mane has changed over the years, looking always fabulous.

Court lob Selena Gomez for round faces

Women round face favored by many cuts type, lob or half-length, as they manage to frame the face in a great way, being able to disguise the cheeks are pronounced and stylized your face, making you seem more slender.

In this photo, Selena takes the hair about the shoulders, not so short or so long, being especially suitable for the summer that is coming soon. Rolling some strands of hair makes your hair have more volume, thus achieving an effect of a slim your appearance in general.

If you want a little longer yet, you can do it and add more waves to your hair to enhance your hair, as did Selena Gomez in this photo session.

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Selena Gomez has taken this type of hair cuts adding fringe side who manage to frame your eyes and give it more strength, style, and personality. The length of the bangs will also depend on your tastes.

In February, reappeared Selena Gomez not only with the hairstyle lob but with reflexes honey-colored, fabulous if you want to give more light to your face and more sensuality to your look.