The great scandal in the career of Enrique Iglesias


If it seems that the singer did have not been controversial, this is one of the foods that stain your record

Enrique Iglesias is one of the artists who currently lead a quiet life away from the scandal, to the side of Anna Kournikova has been able to form a beautiful family that their fans adore.

However, has not been free of scandal since two years ago sparked criticism of the “groping” to your chorus during a live show. If you did not know this story of the singer, today we remember it.

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Occurred in the year 2018, in a video that was recorded at one of their concerts the singer appeared very loving with a colleague, the fans noticed immediately and became viral.

That it was not the first time it happened something like this however it is said that all that was part of his show, on the other hand, many felt that it was a lack of respect for their colleague and her partner.

Famous as Maluma they do this at their concerts as part of their performance however, it seems that Churches do not fit well, being practically a father of the family. This is one of the scandals in his career that have been marked.

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Please, no more kisses 🥺😢😭

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