The MV of BTS and Nicki Minaj, “Idol” manages to record on Youtube

The MV of BTS and Nicki Minaj, “Idol” manages to record on Youtube/Photo: The Voice of Galicia

The MV of BTS and Nicki Minaj, “Idol” manages to record on Youtube/Photo: The Voice of Galicia

The music video “Idol” (2018) of BTS a collaboration with rapper American Nicki Minajexceeded 100 million views on YouTube this Sunday morning, clocking the most amount of music videos with over 100 million visits to any act of K-pop.

“The music video BTS ‘Idol (Feat. Nicki Minaj)’ launched in September of 2018 has reached more than 100 million hits around the 10:58 am on June 7,” she said Sunday the agency of the band’s Big Hit Entertainment.

“This is the music video number 24 where the band BTS to more than 100 million of visits and the largest number of music videos with over 100 million views, beating another record”, the agency reported.

The version of collaboration to the success of the band “Idol” 2018 is a digital track special that is not included in the third album of the band “Love Yourself: Answer” (2018).

BTS, the group of K-Pop more known

The song drew international attention even before falling thanks to the collaboration of high-profile and debuted at number 11 on the list Hot 100 of Billboard chart immediately after its release.

The video clip gave a modern twist to the visual elements of traditional Korea that were used in the original video, mixing them with the English lyrics of Minaj to form an intercultural environment on the screen.

The music video for the band “DNA” recently surpassed one billion views on YouTube, the highest of the group.

The group of Idols made up of the seven members has also done other collaborations with international artists.
Boys BangTan also had a successful musical collaboration with the singer Halsey in the subject “the Boy With Luv”/Photo: The Music Of The Week

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BTS will participate in the graduation ceremony in line with Google’s “Dear Class of 2020” on Sunday, along with former U.S. President Barack Obama and the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai. The event was scheduled for 6 June but was postponed a day with regard to George Floyd, whose death by police has fueled anger and protests throughout the United States.

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