The story you need Black Widow


Few are left to know Natasha Rumanovone of the few members of the Avengers without supernatural powers, but we know little of the character that embodies Scarlett Johansson, beyond their stories in the movie universe.

To overcome this problem and with the launch of its own movie with a new date for the November 6, Panini Comics goes on sale this: ‘Witsi Witsi Araña’, a volume which collects three important stories with which to familiarize ourselves with the Black Widow.

In these pages, we will remember the past of Natasha Romanov as a soviet spy; cold, calculating and lethal as her name ‘artistic’ indicates and it will be confronted and threatened by a new ‘black widow’, Yelena Belova, a companion of ‘studies’ of Natasha in the Red Room, which seeks to delete from the map to prove their worth.

The drawing of Scott Hampton is sensational / Marvel

This volume collects three stories of three comic books each; nine numbers of war without truce between Natasha and Yelena directed by names like Devin Grayson or the seasoned veteran Greg Rucka and drawn with different styles, ranging from American comics ‘popcorn maker’ traditional J. G. Jones, until the approach pictorial and special Scott Hampton.

Between both super-hero with powers, once in a while feel very well to pay attention to stories that most ‘earthly’ of super-heroes less affluent, such as Black Widow or Hawk-Eye, which could be (and not dismiss) the script of film production of Marvel.

The argument is special, the drawing of nothing in between what is right and what is remarkable, and the edition of Panini is attractive enough (and at an interesting price of € 23, -) for a purchase sporadic as this story of Black Widow has all the sense in the world.

Let me quite a while to Thor and Captain America and have a look at this ‘Witsi Witsi Araña’. Highly recommended for all audiences.