To the rhythm of Miley Cyrus, Kenya Os celebrates its latest achievement within TikTok

The successes do not stop arriving the life of the YouTuber and singer Mexican, Kenya Iand is that place your ms recent achievement in your profile TikTok with a lively publication dedicated to their fanatics.

In a recent video, the interpreter Third Night showed up with a cake and the rhythm of 7 Things, the song of Miley Cyrus to celebrate that since super the more than five million followers on this platform.

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Five million thank you I love you a thousand”, wrote the influencer.

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In the seal support, the faithful admirers of ‘The Kenini’ filled the tray of comments with multiple samples of support, to the time that they left ms 176 likes in the publication.

Kenya Os not only has been focused on its various digital platforms, but also continues to work on his music and, a few weeks ago, estren his latest single titled Ccteles.

@soykeniaos5 MILLION THANK YOU I LOVE YOU A THOUSAND🖤. ##keniaos ##parati
I 7 Things – Miley Cyrus

Source: TikTok @soykeniaos