What a shame! Camila Hair between the coronavirus and discrimination, their fans do not leave it in peace


Camila Hair it is one of the artists best positioned for the younger generations, because it stands out by its simplicity and by his musical career started with the girlband Fifth Harmony, with which he won the recognition which today embraces.

Currently, the interpreter it looks like in social networks where it kept up with his followers during the days of confinement. There showed tender scenes of their day-to-day and also put to the task of generating awareness and promoting the meditation.

But these days the things have no calm and less now that a ambulance of testing of coronavirus parked in the door of the house of the composer. Some of his followers shared on Twitter his concerns about the state of health of Camila since the previous weekend was going on with Shawn Mendez, to call for justice for George Floyd.

Before this wave of rumors, or the voice of Miss or your boyfriend gave explanations at least at the time of this note. Very sensitized by what happened in Minnesota, Hair appeared on Instagram in addition to the anti-discrimination causes and sent his condolences to the family of Floyd and reminded other people that also lost their lives in the hands of injustice.

But all of this empathic stance celebrity with origins in Latin American could not resist to Internet files. In this part of the story, she is not well off, and her attempts to clean up its image is noticed from far away. It turns out that a few years ago, she and many more will be expressed in the form pejorative against Asians and the people who today defend.

In the past year, a party of his followers expressed their anger with the hashtag #CamilaCabellopartyIsOver (the party’s over from Camila’s Hair) and brought to light a blog the award-winning figure shared memes are racist, the same was called Vous-etess-belle and was eliminated by the own Camila.

“I lacked education and was ignorant and once I learned about the history and the true meaning behind this horrible and violent message, I was embarrassed to have used. I apologized to her then and what I do now,” she said in 2019 the music production company.

It should be noted that not only the cantautorade Havana affected by your unfortunate statements in the past, as she was raised Lea Michele and others like Justin Bieber, who acknowledged that when he was younger he was very rude without understanding the power of their words. Perhaps so much exposure as children did not allow them to discern well in the teens and today they apologize.