What creams and botox? Not: Scarlett Johansson has a better trick to rejuvenate and no one realized


Scarlett Johansson is one of the figures of the entertainment industry who has more followers and that many women try to imitate. It is not for less, with how splendid that is and the success it achieves in each of their projects.

The last novelty of the star of Marvel is its versatility for fashion and styling since it takes years to current and along the impressive career that forged have seen it shine with different looks that have already been analyzed extensively.

Prominent among these is the chocolate of his hair color that just comes to mark trend for this new season spring-summer 2020, with all the hope that you can go to excel, you contangos that as well as rejuvenate the figure of Hollywood it will do it with you.

And if there are doubts about it, you can see that the hacks of beauty always focus on tricks of makeup and creams, anti-wrinkle, but is that how no one noticed that the colorimetry account and you can change your age in a two-by-three? The protagonist of the Story of a Marriage is a clear example.

On the other hand, the celebrity of 35 years he shared his superb routine fitness that can help you in this period of social distancing. It should be noted that your trainer Eric Johnson is the one who devised this plan for his performance in The Avengers.

In conversation with Vanity Fair, the acclaimed artist commented that the pull-ups became the basic exercise of your routine, but not only that, but the classic burpees also, and as you can see, just use the weight of your body.

To close and now that we’re in personal care, we want to emphasize the anger of the actress of #BlackWidow, that after the premiere of that film, far from receiving interesting questions in the round of the press, the popular press focused on the alleged diet that took place, spreading rumors, irresponsible about their power.

“It has been said that I have been on a strict workout routine regulated by my classmates, put into shape by trainers I don’t know, eating sprouted grains I can’t pronounce and ultimately losing almost 7 pounds… I am a small person to begin with, so the idea of losing this amount of weight is crazy,” said the interpreter.