What they forgot? Justin Bieber and the video that no one spoke


The famous Canadian singer, Justin Bieber to published several videos and singles during the time of confinement required. Among the most recognized is “Stuck With U”, a song that introduced to the world in the company of the famous Ariana Grande, which won the number one spot in Billboard. But, there was also a song and audio-visual material that remained in the abandonment could it be that all the uproar in the United States caused this?

This is her song “E. T. A.” which massed through the platform of the videos the 29 of May of this year. Although all of the audiovisual materials are important for artists, as it seems that not the same Justin gave him the necessary attention. Currently, the husband of the model Hailey Baldwin is focused on other issues of social interest, and have their social networks awash in information.

Through its official account of Instagram, Justin Bieber has been responsible for the spread of the protest anti-racist. This, then, is to know the case of George Floyd. An African American man who was killed by a police officer, then this afincara the knee, in the neck of u.s., while Floyd was glued to the pavement, begging me to leave him, that he could no longer breathe.

Justin Bieber: “E. T.”

Perhaps, the interpreter of “Yummy” is more dedicated to the movements to their own music. Although it has not made any comment on their social networks of this new success, the song has almost 4.5 million views until the evening of this Sunday. This new single speaks once more about love. “I feel like time passes in slow motion, trying to occupy my mind, for not to become crazy for you”, says the celebrity.

In the film that has as length 2:55 minutes, one can observe Justin Bieber singing his melancholic composition. While it is surrounded by huge mountains and lots of nature. It should be noted that it also included animations, which seems to absorb the time to move to the Canadian singer to another instance full of greenery do You have dedicated this song to his wife?