Who is the eldest son of Will Smith that few know?


He was born under the name of Willard Carroll Smith III, 27 years ago. Is the firstborn son of the actor and singer, Will Smith, next to his first wife, Sheree Zampino. Trey, as you call it, you prefer to stay away from the media, although like his father he loves music and knows first-hand the world of the show.

His brothers, Jaden and Willow, dominate the scene with their lifestyles and controversies, but he prefers the silence in the social networks and carve out a career as a DJ under the alias “AcE”.

In 2012 he recorded with his brothers the simple Find You Somewhere, whose video was directed by her stepmother, Jada Pinkett Smith.

In fact, according to the website IMDb the elder son of Will Smith was so good at playing American football for the University of Northern Arizona offered him a scholarship, but rejected it to pursue a career in music.


Usually, Trey appears with his famous father, his brothers, and his stepmother. The relationship between them is very strong and it shows in the messages that you dedicated to Will Smith.

“You find a way to give us all our time while you share your beautiful soul with our global family. I’m not sure how you do it, but I am eternally grateful that you are so good at that. Happy Father’s Day, for the father, is greater than the heavens could manufacture”, wrote in 2019.

To dedicate this beautiful message to his father, Trey Smith had to heal the wounds left by the divorce between Will Smith and Sheree Zampino when he was barely five years old. The own actor was recognized in November of 2018 how difficult it was because his eldest son “she felt betrayed and abandoned”.

The eldest son of Will Smith exhibits in social networks and their pride not only by his father but by his whole family. There he shares pictures of his siblings Jaden and Willow with affectionate messages, as well as images next to Jada and her mom, who calls her his queen.

But it also shows how a young man discreet and authentic in the midst of the raucous family that touched him. “Remember that life is an illusion… it is yours to create and you can dismantling and re-create it”.