Who will it be? Rumors say that Adele will perform a theme with renowned artist


Fans Adele, they are anxious to know what’s new with your favorite artist, who due to the crisis of the pandemic decided to cancel its planned release for this year, however that does not mean that you share a preview soon.

At least that is the idea that the fans of it handled through the social networks, where they have a tendency his name to be linked with another celebrity.

According to rumors that are operating in the world of the show, Harry Styles will be with whom to perform his next collaboration and on Twitter, the topic exploded.

Despite the fact that there is no type of confirmation or a wink performed by any of the personalities of the music in their social networks, the followers already imagine this duet.

It is known the nourished friendship between the two British singers, those who have supported each other throughout their successful careers that could cross paths for the first time.

Memes flooded Twitter information, and on the other hand are those who are impatient because this rumor be true and on the other hand those who want to desmentirlo.

What is certain is that for now, both Adele as Harry Styles continues to maintain silence despite the fact that their names have become a trend worldwide.

She had already advanced to the beginning of the year that their new album would arrive in the month of September, however, this has not been officially confirmed and everything suggests that it will have to wait a little more.