8 new songs from the indie marplatense that you have to listen to


The city of Mar del Plata it has always been the cradle of great names of the music of argentina and the world. From the tango revolutionary Astor Piazzolla, going by the alternative rock Rosario Bléfari, and coming dream pop avant-garde of Altocamet, the music remained as a constant and one of the pillars artistic coastal city.

During this time of quarantine, many artists mar del plata found ways to stay active. Some already had material prepared; others ventured to create with the tools they had at hand. Be that as it may, the confinement does not prevent the musicians to share their songs, and in this list we collect 8 new releases of MDQ.

Never one Anything Not: “When the mirrors”

Supported in the solitude of your keyboard, Juan Manuel Hernando sings from his gut: “we’re everybody in the same”. Averaging half of the track adds Flax Ezequiel Parodi on guitar and the song explodes in a trance futuristic of nostalgia. Recorded, mixed and produced in quarantine by Augustine Bonecco, the third single from the project motorized by Hernando positions it as one of the promises of pop this year.

Shitstem: “Wachas”

Jeanne Passeri is a marplatense of 19 years, under the name of Shitstemis positioned as the reference number one rap city. “Wachas” it is a feminist manifesto of court city with a base of reggaeton on the one that raps about his reality. Of the school of Sara Hebe, and Miss Bolivia, Shitstem is a challenge to his generation to be empowered and raise your fist against the objectification of women in the music industry urban: “Now the hip-hop also is one of the wachas”.

SLNT: “Dialect”

The principle of the quarantine, found to Leo Ferro and company in full release “Dialect”first preview of what will be their sixth studio work titled Animal naked. The mar del plata continues his ceaseless search for new sounds, pointing now to the tribal rhythms and african from the perspective of electronic. During may we were also able to listen to the single “Vortex”, a song intimate and minimalist that develops between environments and ethereal vocal melodies deep. SLNT will publish a third progress during the month of June and promises the release of the album for the second half of the year.

Sheba Toyos: “night”

Of the hand of Manu Tello and Gonza Perez Rojas Varese, Sheba Toyos premiered a track in the key of funk that manages to link the rhythms of the seventies with electronic sounds, which invite to put a rhythm to the days of running: dance becomes an obligation. The former Firpolar is another of the musicians of mar del plata located in the Federal Capital that has slowly established itself within the independent circuit in buenos aires.

Lost Marplas: “The parena”

If something was missing to Mar del Plata was the adrenaline of a band of surf rock that managed to musicalizar the afternoon of waves and wind on the beach. The brothers Cianciarulo came to time: in mid-2019 given entity Lost Marplas with the release of their debut EP. Some days ago they brought out the single “The Parena” along with the premiere of his first music video, all produced and released by themselves under the slogan DIY. In their songs, in addition to reflecting the culture surfer, Coco, Astor and Jay defend the rights of animals, militate veganism and the struggle for the beaches free of plastic garbage.

River Brown feat. Sinruido: “Some rhythm”

During 2019, the duo composed by Ignacio Bellusci and Lionel Quiroga took part in one of the editions of Sofar Mar del Plata with the participation of Ruben Montoya on violins and Linen Ezequiel Parodi on guitar. This intimate session was born Side BBa handful of songs, transformed to a format I live in where all the instrumentation and vocals are reproduced without additional amplification.

Tomatoes in the Summer: “In the arena”

The trio of shoegaze from the spa town released few days ago “In the arena”, second preview of what will be their next album All the days are happy and that they plan to launch before the end of the year. In this track, Carina Monjeau, Ignacio Giobellina and Pedro Moscuzza Polish and deepen their sound is post-punk with gothic under the supervision of the English Graham Sutton in the role of producer. Accompanied the release with the premiere of a video clip diethylamide performed by Pearl audiovisual.

Fede Dystopia: “Arms”

In this new single with video clip, the solo project of singer and guitarist from Forest Dystopia deepens his aesthetic of new wave that embraces the best of the eighties, while he builds a sonic landscape full of synths and lyrics that run through the human experiences. A descendant of Gus Dapperton and Connan Mockasin, Fede is one of the several musicians of mar del Plata that migrated to Buenos Aires in an effort to amplify your project, and to conquer new audiences.