Actress sofia Vergara of television’s best paid in the world


The actress Sofia Vergara repeated this year as the actress the best paid in the world, being the only Colombian that figure among the 100 celebrities with the highest revenue, surpassing celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Rafael Nadal and Katy Perry, according to Forbes magazine.

According to the publication, “Sofia Vergara got US$43 million in revenue in the last year returning to the throne of the actress best paid of the world and becoming the only Colombian that appears in the listing of Celebrity 100 of Forbes 2020″.

In addition, this publication mentions that the Barranquilla “appears in position 71 of the listing Celebrity 100, in which Forbes ranks the celebrities best paid in the world and this year, top Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, and Roger Federer”.

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He also noted that “the ‘Toti’ is in the list above prominent figures in entertainment and sports, to remember that he did the final season of the series ‘Modern Family, marking the close of their role and is currently a jury of the reality show America’s Got Talent on NBC”.

Forbes also points out that “half of their revenues come through sponsorships and licenses,” even though “in total, a dozen of actors and actresses who entered the ‘Celebrity 100’ this year gained the US 624 million combined this year,” says this journal, specializing in economics and finance.

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On the other hand, the past month of may, Sofia Vergara launched her own line of lenses, recognizing that was several years losing vision, but refusing to wear glasses because he felt that it seemed to be more than what it really was.

“She kept squinting to look at my cell phone and my son said to me: ‘mom, you do not want to use your lenses because you think that you look old but you make those faces and you put the phone too far away‘” joked the star before the journalists, to explain the reason of your foray into the business of glasses.