Adam Warlock and Nova would fit into the MCU as a fellow of an Avenger


The following Phases of the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU) are preparing for the new characters that will be added to the franchise, among them are the representative of the Nova Corps and the superhero golden skin, who, according to first reports, they are going to ally with a heroine what will join Wanda or Adam Warlock, and Nova would team up with Captain Marvel?

Both superheroes have been one of the most requested by the fans of Marvel to reach out to the big screen, because of the importance they have had in the comics, and his inclusion would be linked to the arc of ‘Annihilation’, a story where the pappus Annihilus comes from the Negative Zone to conquer the universe.

Now according to Mikey Sutton who has a connection to sources close to Marvel Studios for this adaptation Adam Warlock and Nova would team up with Captain Marvel, to stop Annihilus, which is believed to be the new mega-rival of the saga, as well as what was Thanos for the Infinity Saga.

According to the same source, Warlock will debut in the MCU in the third installment of ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’, finally, while Nova will take part in ‘Captain Marvel 2’ but it is not specified whether it will have a role in the sequel or if it will only be a cameo in a post-credits scene, so we just have to wait.

It is not known with what precision is so accurate this information is, but being so would be introduced to two much-loved characters that could take an important place in the franchise, in addition, to expand the space theme on the big screen.