Akon is harshly criticized after collaborating with 6ix9ine


Although today it is almost more known for his incredible philanthropic work and business, what is certain is that Akon it is a kind of musical legend whose activities solidarity almost have made us to focus more on that than on his immense artistic talent.

We assume that this positive obsession for helping others (especially the continent of africa) he learned from his good friend Michael Jacksonhe was working on what was to be the return of the king.

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The issue is that the singer of origin senegalese is a very well-respected in musical circles, business and philanthropists of court more conservative, in the sense that it is the people of more than thirty (and forty) the most known and has enjoyed her musical figure and the rest of their features. That is why it is now being criticized.

As you know, on Saturday June 7, the artist released a teaser of a sequel of their hit “Locked Up” in 2004, the song that put the artist on the map and in whose new version works 6ix9ine. The thing is that Akon has ended up being a trending topic on twitter, and not by the positive reactions precisely.

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Reactions to a possible Akon ft. 6ix9ine

The responses to the collaboration of Akon with Tekashi have been massive and perhaps excessively cruel. It seems that a large part of the population does not understand how a person so well respected by the community may end up collaborating with someone with a history of 6ix9ine, despite the fact that Brooklyn has been working to eradicate violence in the street gangs.

What is certain is that to collaborate with artists of rap that does not have a history is not so easy, although there are and many. We assume that Akon has wanted to connect with the new generations and become known beyond the public of the R&B and rap classic, the same that today have been criticized.

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The same thing happened to Nas when he collaborated with Lil Nas X, although on that occasion it was more due to the supposed difference of talent between the two artists, who for the criminal record and trouble with the justice of the younger. At the end is always going to be a whole generation that does not just connect with the following and resists to their favorite artists if they do.

What is important is that the song is good, if it is so, the rest are polemics, divisions, and fighting free for the social networks. We’ll find out soon.